Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dinner with TBTAM

We had a scrumptious dinner, in a company of 12 (6 kids,6 adults) invited by a gourmand known as TBTAM. Yes we are so cool. Our gourmands are also gourmets. Here's a picture of the scrumptious chicken.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Maria The Korean Bride

A short piece of mine, "Maria The Korean Bride" is part of the permanent collection of WBEZ Chicago: Third Coast Festival in the project 99 Ways To Tell A Story.

"Maria" is story number #101. It's two and a half minutes exactly, and we hope you love it so much you'll want to marry it. Or her. Listen with headphones.

The photo is from Maria's collection, and is a wedding photo from New Hampshire.

Maria's websites: maria the korean bride and her performance art site Maria Yoon.
Shortly I'll have a full episode of Maria's full wacky, sweet story.

Back music performed by the American Bach Soloists through their label, (where customers can also choose how much they want to pay for the music.)