Monday, May 30, 2005

Grandpa's Cadillac

A day for memory:
Here in the city things just blow through for awhile. A few days ago this song appeared on my iPod, apparently brought in by one of the compiling shows that offer an editor's idea of four or five interesting podcasts. This one had no information. Anyone know anything about the writer or performer or name of this song? I call it Cadillac, and I note it references a Michael Murphy song made popular by Hoyt Axton, and it references the first Cadillac by dating the story on the Cadillac's birthday. There are likely other references I don't know -- Ypsilanti, perhaps 113th street.

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g said...

hi andy! what's your podcast alley page so i can vote for you?


Andy said...

You know, I never did find the writer singer of this nice little song....